• Can I have a refund?

If the product doesn't suit you, you can send it back to us within a week at your own expense to receive a full refund of the bracelet price..

Reach us here or at info@ludyscollection.com.au


  • My bracelet is faulty. What's happening?

If the jewelry is accurate to be faulty*, we will offer a remplacement or refund.

A faulty item is an item that is :

  • Significantly different from the sample or description.
  • Substantially unfit for its common purpose.
  • Unsafe.

If you believe your item is faulty, contact us here or at info@ludyscollection.com.au.


  • Which size will suit me?

We recommend you to mesue your wrist and get a bracelet 1 to 2 cm bigger.

There is a size chart with the bracelet's pictures.


  • Where can I buy these bracelet?

At the moment only online.

Pop-up store will come soon.


  • I'm not from Australia how can I get a bracelet?

At the moment they are only available in Australia, but they should be available in Europe soon.

If you are from somewhere else we may be able to help.

Reach us here or at info@ludyscollection.com.au and we can figure something out.


  • I'm a retailer, may I sell your jewelry?

We are looking for the right partners to sell these bracelets in store.

If you you are interested in selling these bracelet at your store, contact us on info@ludyscollection.com.au